Do you want to teach your baby a skill for life and make your family safer around water?Do you want to prepare your baby for their first formal swimming lessons and learn to love the water?

We totally understand how important it is to teach little ones how to swim.But we noticed lately that a lot of parent and baby classes out there have a strong emphasis on play and childhood development - which is fantastic, don't get us wrong!But we think it's crucial to focus on building those essential swimming skills too.That's why we created our Water Awareness for Infants Collection.Our books aren't your typical "learn-to-swim" guides - they're designed to be easy-to-read, comprehensive tools for parents and swimming teachers alike.We focus on the 7 Fundamentals of Learn-To-Swim, so you can trust that your little swimmers are in good hands.Dive in and give them a go - we think you'll love them!

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Happy Parents

Parent friendly & Piece of mind

Proactive parents want the best for their child; by providing water safety & aquatic skills in an easy to follow context to their babies, they know they are doing what they can to move a step closer to being safer around water.


Affordable Water Familiarization & Drowning Prevention

Increasing access to quality water safety is dependent on making classes affordable for everyone regardless of income.

Here's what you get inside Learn To Swim The Australian Way

Providing education

No child is drown proof but education of essential water safety for infants provides an additional barrier to preventing water related accidents


  • The 7 Fundamentals of learning to swim to help prepare your little ones for lessons and to love the water

  • Tips & Cues to reinforce learning and make learning fun for everyone

  • Water Safety Essentials for both parents and your little ones

  • The correct Aquatic Holds for each skill to ensure everyone enjoys their time in the water

About Your Swim Instructor

My name is Allison Tyson, otherwise known as AlyT in the online Swimming Community.
I've been swimming for as long as I have been walking and a qualified swim instructor since 1993. I grew up at the local pool, the daughter of my home town's (Cairns, Australia) BEST SWIMMING TEACHER.
To this day I LIVE TO SWIM.During Covid, like many places around the world, my local pool was forced to shut down.It was during the forced closures I decided to write a series of learn-to-swim books for parents and guardians, so that ANYONE, ANYWHERE could use my methods to teach their kids to swim.I decided to start a #SwimmingRevolution with the goal of making QUALITY learn-to-swim lessons AFFORDABLE and ACCESSIBLE to EVERYONE.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I know nothing about teaching or swimming - Not a problem! We've made these books so easy to follow ANYONE can teach swimming and know exactly what to teach and in which order to teach it. You just need to follow each step. We guarantee you will learn along with your little ones.

  • What age best suits these books - Each book in the Water Awareness Collection is created with age appropriate activities from Newborns up to 36 months.

  • I don't have a pool - For safety & hygiene reasons, Infants under the age of 6 months should learn their water skills in a bathtub or baby bath. When bub is 6mths+, if you do not have your own pool, take them along to your local public pool. I personally like to laminate the pages and use them in the water with me as I teach!

  • I don't have a lot of time - Kids love your attention and we love seeing them fit and healthy. The books are ideal for reading before bathtime or practicing during the day before heading out to the water. Read the books together and you'll learn along with your kids + they get the benefit of spending quality time with you and learning a skill for life.

  • My kids are already attending swim lessons - One of the biggest benefits of our books is they accelerate learning so you can save money and time attending lessons. Most teachers only know the basics about swimming; our books are designed to accelerate learning to get your kids to the top of the class in no-time!

  • Even the discounted price seems expensive - The beauty of our books is you won't just read them once or twice. They are a must-have. EVERY TIME you go to the pool or pop the kids in the bath, you'll use them to revise, make an improvement or learn something new + every child in the family can reuse the books and share with each other what they've learnt.

  • Do we need any specific equipment - All you need is access to a bathtub or pool with waist-deep water, a kickboard, bath or water toys of your choosing and a copy of our books.

  • Who are you and why should I trust your swimming teaching method - I am a 73' Edition, mother of 2 who's been teaching swimming on and off since I was 21. I've been swimming since I was 2 and am the daughter of a swimming teacher and mini-squad coach. I am an avid reader and love keeping up to date with all the latest technology and insight from Coaches all over the world. I am also a competitive swimmer and know how to swim not just faster but smarter. Check out my Instagram profile @LearnToSwimTheAustralianWay for more tips and to get to know me better.

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When taking part in any water activities you must ensure that at least one responsible adult who can swim is present at all times.
Following the instructions in our Infant Water Awareness books you must ensure that there is a safe place to perform the activities safely.You should understand that participating in any exercise program carries the possibility of physical injury.
If you choose to engage in these exercises or swimming activities outlined in our book, you agree that you do so at your own risk, you are voluntarily participating in these activities, and assume all risk of injury to yourself and or the child in your care.
By following any of the activities outlined in our books you understand that it is your responsibility to know your child’s physical and mental capabilities for the activities you choose to take part in.Born To Swim and their representatives expressively disclaim liability for all damages and assume no liability or responsibility for any loss, injury, or damage suffered by any person as a result of the use, misuse, reference to, reliance on, or result obtained from any information.